10 simple tips for a good cv

  1. Customize the resume for each job. Take keywords from the job details and include these in your CV to reinforce the match . You need to make sure that you go through each job posting and highlight the relavant key words and make sure that it matches to your CV. End of the day, recruiters spend maximum 2-3 minutes to scan your CV or processed by a software which checks only key words.

  2. Reflect customer or job requirement priorities rather than what you think are most important. Make sure those are highlighted in your resume. There is no shortcut to this.

  3. If you do not have experience in it, draw parallels based on your experience . This is relevant for new dimension technologies.

  4. Limit Your resume not more than 2 pages. You can take detailed resume for the face to face interview.

  5. Read Your self or ask a friend to review as a role play to make sure that they convince that you are a worthy candidate for the advertised position. If your friend is not satisfied, then recruiter is not going to be satisfied.

  6. Match Role. Ex:- If they are looking for a software developer make sure that your resume matches with that. No exception.

  7. Standard font is a must. Most of applicant tracking systems can not read tables or graphs or pictures. Keep it simple .

  8. Always remember your resume is a marketing document. Keep it upto 2 pages with most valuable information that suits for the job. No one wants your history .

  9. Do not forget cover letter. 90% of people do not write a cover letter for a job. Cover letter shows how serious you are.

  10. Last one.. Read and Read . No Spelling Mistakes.

Follow these simple tips. There is no secret for a good resume. If you need any guidance, please feel to write an emial to

h4talent@gmail.com .

Your H4 Talent Team.