Jump Start Your H4 & L2 EAD Careers

Why H4/L2 EAD Not able to get right jobs

  1. Career Break and Meanwhile Technology changed.

  2. Non Matching Skill set

  3. Not having American way professional Resume

  4. No online Branding for Resume

  5. Not having good job networking- 60% of jobs filled through LinkedIn

  6. Resume is poor and not able to pick by recruiters

  7. Job Search method and not knowing where or how to search or not right vendors?

  8. Lack of planning like when to search for jobs ? Ex:- Searching during vacation times

  9. Education background

  10. Communication skills

  11. Lack of career switch guidance ex:- Moving from Pharmacy background to IT

  12. Skill guidance.

  13. Lack of Add on skills in addition to current skillset

  14. Not knowing demand for local market

  15. Ex:- Searching for IT Jobs in Florida vs IT Job in Tristate-East Coast

Step 1- Fix Your REsume

  1. American way is more of numbers and KPI driven. Recruiters spends an average 10 seconds/resume.

  2. Make sure your resume is Job specific.

  3. Resume selection is based on combination of keywords.

  4. Remove Personal information, including marital status, identification number, your parents’ names, and your date of birth.

  5. Aggregate Your Grades. Since many U.S. employers will not understand what they are. Try to find another way to describe your undergraduate academic performance (e.g., “Ranked 5 out of 100 students” or “Graduated with honors” or covert to GPA).

  6. If you are currently living in the U.S. and applying for internships or jobs here, there is no need to write U.S. or U.S.A. For phone numbers, there is no need to include an international calling code prefix, but always include your area code, even for local opportunities.

  7. Delete references from your resume. References can be sent separately as needed. There is also no need to write “references available on request,” because it will be assumed.

  8. it is common to want to include all of your academic projects, but it is more strategic to include the projects that demonstrate your skills to match the position or program you seek

  9. For the projects you decide to include, describe your contributions and accomplishments rather than focusing on a description the project itself

  10. Last but not the last:- Clean social media presence

Step-2 fix your cover letter


A cover letter accompanies the resume when submitting an internship or job application. It is an opportunity to infuse some voice and personality, providing an opportunity to convince an employer that you’re a good fit for a position.


Use the job description to write your cover letter. Print out the posting and go through it with a highlighter. Any skills, experience, qualifications, and key features that resonate with you, highlight! Write your cover letter emphasizing those key skills. The cover letter is an example of how you can show and how you can match (fit) the opportunity. The cover letter should be short and easy to read. Avoid large blocks of text.


Your cover letter should combine two elements: your story and the position description.

Draw upon previous internships, jobs, academic work, volunteering, and personal projects to identify three to four skills that you bring to the position.

Bridge the experience on your resume with the needs of the employer. Do not forget this step.

Incorporate some of the key words from the job posting into your resume and cover letter as well, where you have relevant experience.

Venn Diagram showing relationship between your story and the opportunity. This should be your cover letter. Simple and Easy.

Step 3- How to write one


1. What is the relevant experience you have.

2. How your skill set can help the job requirement.


1. How your experience is logically connected to the requirement.

2. Demonstrate how your skills can make you the right applicant.

Connect both stories and your cover letter should reflect these.


Read Your current resume and job description couple of times. You will get the cover letter story automatically by joining both. If you need assistance, just send us an email at h4talent@gmail.com

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